Monday, August 30, 2010

wonderful thinggs.

my birthday.


parking lot dance. (:


i had a wonderful time in utahh. (:
things that happen, that are worth noting.
-- got pulled over twice in one week, but only got a ticket the first time for not wearing my seatbelt
i better buckle up next time. (:
-- had a dance party in a parking lot of a park, with random people joining us. (:
-- i turned 16... i think its time to "get two beers and jump" hahah.
-- had a tea party in honor of addy's birthday.
-- got a canon 'rebel' camera for my birthday. (:
-- longg talks in the park with arianna and addyy.
-- cleaned the richeys house by myself (:
-- went to a football game.
-- my brother turned 23, and still isnt married... but i love him nonetheless. (:
-- i saw joshua james in concert.
-- went to alot of dance parties. (:
-- took roah home from the lone peak dance after refusing to take anyone else. hahah, i love that boy with all my heart.
-- skyy and stettyy, they are adorable. (:

--- addyy fell in love with talon.. how cute. (:


  1. Except for the part where he might have a girlfriend...
    Oh. Wait. SInce when has that stopped me in the past?

  2. if you like it then you should of put a ring on it...
    cause until then he is free game.
    hahahah. (: