Sunday, July 18, 2010

this is to all girls...

this is to every girl that thinks they aren't good enough.
to the girls that walk into school every morning looking at what other girls are wearing and think "why cant i look like that" "if only i had enough money to buy those clothes" "i wish i was that skinny".. why do we do this to ourselves? we always want to be other people.. when the truth is those people we want to be are wishing that they were someone else too.
that is the problem, we are constantly fighting with ourselves that we aren't good enough because that is what we hear all dayy long, anywhere you look.. you will see something telling you that you should be better and that your just simply not good enough.

you will never be able to please everyone.. it just wont happen. because we are human and we judge. there will be people that don't like you, that think your fat, ugly, mean, selfish, bratty, too rich, too poor, too happyy.. and thats just the way life is. but just because everything in our world is saying your not good enough, gives us even more of a reason to yell make YES I AM!!!!

so all of you girls out there.. love yourself. you are worth it. you are beautiful simply because your yourself. and when you love yourself and are happy with who you are. you shine. So stop weighing yourself, throw away those fashion magazines, eat all the ice cream you can and laugh until you cry. simply just smile (:

put on your favorite pair of shoes and conquer the world.
simply because your worth it

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